Coping with Death over the Holidays

death over the holidays

Death doesn’t adhere to a convenient schedule, so there’s really nothing you can do to prevent a death over the holidays. The holiday season is fun, but it is already a little bit stressful. Adding a death, whether expected or not, can only add to your grief.

Many families grapple with what to do. You have to do all of the regular steps when someone dies, such as contacting a funeral home, making arrangements, dealing with lawyers and other administrative tasks. You also have to allow yourself time to grieve. Is there even room for the holidays after all that?

The answer is, it depends. Everyone is different.

Ways to cope with death over the holidays

1. It’s okay to cancel

That’s right. It’s okay if you just cannot do the holidays this year. Whether it means no decorations or just relinquishing your hosting duties, it’s okay to scale back or completely step away from holiday activities and events this year. Do not feel guilty. Your friends and family will understand, and if they don’t, you cannot let that impede your recovery.

2. It’s also okay to celebrate

If you want to celebrate the holidays just as always, do it. Don’t get caught up thinking about how it looks. If the holidays make you happy and being with friends and family makes it easier to deal with the loss, by all means celebrate. A death over the holidays doesn’t automatically mean Christmas is cancelled. There is no one way to grieve.

3. Find ways to honour the deceased

Whether you attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve and light a candle for your loved one, or if you hang a special ornament on your tree, or make their favourite dish at dinner, there are lots of ways to honour your loved one’s memory. over the holidays.

Remember, regardless of the time of year, the staff at Chapel Ridge Funeral Home and Cremation Centre will be there for you and your family when a death occurs. We are located in Markham, Ontario, and serve people all over the York Region and beyond.