Counseling Apps and Web Platforms

counseling apps

If you’re having a tough time after a death, but are intimidated by traditional therapy, consider trying some grief counseling apps and web platforms to break the ice.

There’s no shame in grieving, especially if a close family member or friend passed away. Everyone copes in different ways. And while many people find bereavement counseling works, you might feel scared or shy about talking to someone in person.

There are lots of counseling apps available for download to your smart device. Be sure you find one that offers grief counseling and is available in Canada.

Canadian Virtual Hospice

One online resource available is Canadian Virtual Hospice. While this website offers a lot of information on palliative care, it is also a great source for information for family members and friends. Its “Ask a Professional” feature is incredibly popular with patients and loved ones. Healthcare providers use it too to ensure they are giving their patients the very best end-of-life care.

While it’s not specifically a counseling app, it does include forums and other places where the sad and grieving can communicate with others going through similar things. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Grief Counseling Apps for Children

If you as an adult find it difficult to talk to someone about your grief, imagine being a child? Children express their emotions in much different ways, so it’s only natural that it takes a different kind of approach when dealing with kids and youths.

There’s an app that is more of a game than a counseling service. It’s called Apart of Me and it was specifically developed to help kids deal with the loss of a loved one. The game is peaceful and serene, and the quest leads the character towards acceptance and understanding. It uses tried and true therapeutic methods in a easy to digest game.

There are other apps for the bereaved. Use your phone’s app store to search for relevant platforms. Some counseling apps are free, others include fees to text with licence therapists.

If technology isn’t for you, reach out to Chapel Ridge Funeral Home and Cremation Centre for a referral to a local grief counsellor.