COVID-19 Deaths & Funeral Homes

COVID-19 deaths

As of publication, there are 42 confirmed COVID-19 Deaths in York Region, with 883 confirmed cases total. We know that these numbers will rise before we flatten the curve.

Being in the funeral business, we always want to help members of our community during this very difficult time. Our new reality is that we can still help people who’ve lost a loved one, but there are limitations to what we can do at this time.

York Region has released a handy FAQ sheet for Funeral Service Providers, such as Chapel Ridge Funeral Home & Cremation Centre in Markham. To simplify things we will quickly explain how we are to handle funerals and COVID-19 deaths during this pandemic.

Info about Funerals and COVID-19 Deaths

The York Region FAQs touch on a variety of funeral-related topics, here is a summery:

  • Yes, funeral homes, crematoriums and other related businesses and services are considered essential. This directive came from the Province of Ontario.
  • Yes, you can still have a funeral. People in our community will continue to die due to Covid and non-Covid illnesses and accidents. Funerals are still allowed, however, we cannot allow crowds, so only a handful of family members and/or loved ones can be in attendance.
  • Right now, there are no examples of a deceased COVID-19 patient spreading the virus in Canada. This means the risk is low that you will catch it by attending the funeral.
  • That said, anyone who is sick or showing symptoms or was residing in the same home as the deceased should stay home and self-isolate.
  • If your faith allows it, some families are opting to defer the funeral or offering a staggered visitation. Some are choosing cremation and putting off interment until it is safe to gather.
  • If attending a funeral, especially for someone who died of the Noval Coronavirus, do not touch or kiss the body. And do not hug family or touch hands.
  • Wash your hands with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds. Consider wearing a mask.
  • Seat people at least 6-feet away from each other, if holding a traditional funeral.
  • Ask for a video stream of the service.

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We are still there for you. We are following all provincial and regional guidelines from public health officials. While our level of service will be different for the foreseeable future, we want you to know that you can count of Chapel Ridge Funeral Home & Cremation Centre during this difficult time. Contact us today.