Cremation: Memorial and Burial Ideas


If you or a loved one has chosen cremation as a burial method, you might be wondering what you do with the cremains. With traditional burials, there aren’t many options. But with cremation, there are lots of choices.


Burial is still an option with cremation. Quite often, if you have a family plot, you can fit more family members in buried urns than caskets. This way you can still be interred with loved ones, while making good use of space.

Spreading the ashes

The most well-known practice for returning cremated remains to the earth is as spreading the ashes. This is actually a somewhat controversial practice, as many places require a permit or permission to do it.

Some cemeteries are catching on that this is a popular option for those who choose cremation, so some now have scatter gardens. This means the cemetery has a dedicated garden where you can spread the cremains. Some have the option of adding a small plaque to a nearby wall so there is a marker.

Cremation Jewellery

If you want to keep a piece of your loved one close to your heart, keepsake jewellery is available. This jewellery is designed to hold a small amount of the cremains, a lock of hair or even dried flower petals.

There are also companies that will turn cremains or hair into a diamond. This service is pricy, but could be worth it to you for the sentiment.


Rather than burying or spreading the ashes, you can place the urn in a niche in a columbarium. This is usually indoors, but there are some outdoor walls that serve the same purpose.

Displaying the Urn

Some families choose to keep the cremains in an ornate urn and display in on a shelf in the home. It could be kept in a private part of the house, or visible – whatever you are most comfortable with.

In a Statue

Alternatively, some families who want to keep the ashes at their home choose to put them in a statue that is kept in the garden. Angel statues are common for this purpose, but cremation statues come in different forms, such as birds or flowers.

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