Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded of the many things we are thankful for this year. Many of us will share a splendid feast with loved ones this coming weekend – where we will laugh, share stories, and recall fond memories.

For those who lost a loved one this past year, you might be noticing the empty chair at your dinner table. Their absence might even change the dynamic of the meal. As sad as you feel, it’s important to always remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Be thankful for your family and friends who have been there for you this year. Be thankful for the fond memories you have that can never be taken away from you. Be thankful for the delicious food and the warm embraces.

Start New Traditions

All families change. There will be members who sadly pass, but always remember the circle of life. There might be new nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren joining the table. You can pass the torch and let other’s host the meal, or cook the turkey.

Whatever you do, remember that Thanksgiving is about togetherness.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Chapel Ridge Funeral Home and Cremation Centre in Markham.