Honour your Late Father this Father’s Day

Whether you lost your father very recently, or it’s been years since he passed, Father’s Day can be bittersweet. While everyone grieves differently, you don’t have to make it a sad day.

Honour your father’s memory this June 17 with new traditions.

Do Something He Loved

Whether it was fishing, photography, golf, or attending sporting events – do his favourite hobby in honour of him. You could organize a group or do it alone – whatever you’re comfortable with. If you are now a father yourself, take this opportunity to introduce a new generation to these activities.

Start New Traditions

If you have your own family and your own hobbies, maybe honour your dad on Father’s Day by starting new traditions. This doesn’t mean you’re leaving him behind, but rather picking up where he left off. If your dad always wanted you to be happy and care for and love your family like he did, then Father’s Day should be a happy day.

Support a Cause

Another way to honour your late father’s memory on Father’s Day is to donate to a charity or community project. Whether you want to help support medical research or social programs, pick an organization that your father would be proud to support.

Talk to Someone

If you’re still grieving your father’s death, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk to a friend, family member, spiritual leader, or colleague. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching any of those people in your life, reach out to us at Chapel Ridge Funeral Home and Cremation Centre in Markham. We can listen, or refer you to a qualified grief councillor in the York Region. You are not alone!