In Lieu of Flowers: Five Alternative Expressions of Sympathy

Have you ever read an obituary that says “In lieu of flowers…”? Do you ever wonder what this means? Essentially, it is the family’s way of politely saying that instead of sending flowers they would rather you express your sympathy in another way – such as a charitable donation in the deceased’s name. While this doesn’t often stop everyone from sending flowers, it does send the message that flower’s aren’t the only way to show you care.

Here are five alternatives to flowers that show your sympathy when a loved one has passed away:

  1. Plant a tree – Whether you plant it in your own backyard, or you gift a sapling to a grieving member of the family, a tree is a lovely way to honour the memory of a loved one. Unlike cut flowers, planted trees have a longer lifespan. You can watch it grow – providing clean air and shade.
  2. A garden stone or statue – Whether you give a garden stone with the person’s name on it, or a garden statue such as an angel, this can be a meaningful and long-lasting gift. This is especially nice if the deceased enjoyed gardening or time outdoors.
  3. House cleaning or lawn services – If some you love just lost their spouse and are struggling to get the household chores done, it can be a nice gesture to pay for a cleaning or lawn and garden service to come in to help them during this difficult time.
  4. Food – When families are struggling with funeral plans and contacting relatives, and dealing with their own grief, cooking and eating healthy meals isn’t always possible. Send over a pre-assembled dish that just need to be popped in the oven then served to ensure everyone is eating and taken care of.
  5. Photographs and memories – Share some special photographs that the family may not have seen before, or some letters or mementos you’ve kept from the person who’s passed.

These are just some ideas for alternatives to flowers, but if you wish to still send flowers there are plenty of florists in Markham that can create a stunning tribute for you.

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You can also order flowers through the Chapel Ridge Funeral Home’s website!