In the News: Cemeteries are Closed for Business, Now What?


Many municipalities, such as Hamilton – the focus of a recent Hamilton Spectator article – are running out of room for people in its cemeteries. Not only this, but the population is looking for more economical burial options, and traditional burial in a cemetery can be pricy.

It’s not just Hamilton that’s seeing these trends play out. Places all over Canada are seeing people moving away from burials. And while burial space is definitely still available in cemeteries, it cannot be denied that many are looking for alternative options.

According to the article in The Spectator, “70 per cent of deathcare services are devoted to cremation…” Just 10 years ago, it was 50 per cent, so there has been a rapid change in attitude and opinion on the subject.

Many funeral homes are listening and responding with more affordable burial and interment options. The key is to offer clients a multitude of options to suite all budgets.

Cemeteries and Beyond

Chapel Ridge Funeral Home & Cremation Centre in Markham caters to a variety of people – all religions, cultures and economic levels. We believe in offering clients a choice when it comes to what happens to their body after death.

In terms of reducing the costs associated with a death, there is cremation, of course, but also the products you purchase. Typically, individuals and families choose an urn to hold their own, or their loved one’s remains. The quality of that urn will depend on your budget. If you plan to scatter the ashes, an expensive urn might not be the best option for you. Urns can be buried in traditional cemeteries, too. They take up less space than a casket, so they can often be added to a family plot if you have one.

Choosing a burial method is a very personal decision. While trends tell us people are looking at cremation more often than not doesn’t mean that is your only option. Different cultures, religions and personal beliefs may dictate something else entirely.

The industry is changing and we intend to keep up and provide the options our clients are asking for if and when they’re available.

If you have any questions about burial options, contact us today!