In the News: Washington State allows more burial options

burial options

While at present, most funeral homes and cremation centres offer two burial options – cremation and burial. But for residents of Washington State, there will soon be a third option. Governor Jay Inslee just signed a new piece of legislation into law that allows for “aboveground decomposition.” Making it the first place in America…and the world…to allow human remains to become compost. It comes into effect in May 2020. Read the New York Times article for more.

Trend of Eco-friendly Burial Options

As the global trend to be more environmentally conscious continues, people are reevaluating how we do a lot of things in our society. Green burials aren’t a new sensation. We actually wrote a blog about this Bill when it was first proposed. And we’ve written on eco-friendly funeral and burial options in the past.

This is important because we recognize that our industry needs to change and we need to start being open to more options for our clients, their families and for the betterment of the world we live in. While the human compost option has not reached us yet, we look to places like Washington to show us the way. We will see over the coming years how this third option is received, how it works and learn from its successes and failures.

Is this something Canadians want? We’re not sure yet. But as these choices become normalized, we too will have to move with the times.

Spreading soil rather than ashes

Many people choose cremation over burial as they see it as a better alternative to burial. Many people spread ashes with the idea that they are returning their loved one to the earth. The aboveground decomposition method will allow for a similar ritual, only one that is more environmentally friendly. The process that has been tested in Washington State will turn human remains into soil within four weeks. Then loved ones can spread the soil, plant a garden, a tree or whatever you want and return your loved one to the earth with a much smaller carbon footprint.

Would you choose this third option if it were eventually made available here?

Presently, we at Chapel Ridge Funeral Home and Cremation Centre offer the two main options, but we are always open to discussions on how we can make your interment more environmentally friendly.

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