Pet Burials: New for Canada

Pet Burials

Up until recently, pet burials had to happen in specific places separate from human burial sites. However, a cemetery in Laval, Quebec, is recognizing your furry friends as a member of the family, allowing them to be buried alongside their human owners.

The Laval Cemetery now has a “Masters and Companions” section, allowing pets and humans to be buried side-by-side in a joint plot.

While this cemetery already had a section for pet burials, this section is new. Apparently, many people had requested to be buried alongside their pet, thus this idea was born.

While this concept is not widespread across Canada, we can definitely see this idea taking off. As a local funeral home in Markham, we talk to families and individuals all the time about their wishes. Pets are often cherished companions, especially to those nearing the end of their lives here on earth. It makes sense that they would want to be buried with them.

How do these type of pet burials work?

These burial plots work much in the same way that family plots do. The plots have space for one human and two pets. For those who opt for cremation can also be buried along with their pet’s ashes.

In some cases, the cherished pet passes first, so the living owner pre-arranges their own burial in a plot that will accommodate the deceased pet.For those who pass away before their pet, and the pet will be cared for by a living relative, you can arrange for it to be buried with you when it’s day comes. No pets are being prematurely put down to accommodate this.

If this were made available in Ontario, would you do it?

Would you elect for a joint human/pet burial?

No Ontario cemeteries offer this type of plot right now. However, Chapel Ridge Funeral Home and Cremation Centre can help you personalize your service and memorial. This means you can include images of your beloved pets and other mementos.

For strictly pet related burials and services, you will have to speak to your local veterinary to see what they recommend in the York Region.

For more information on pre-planning your funeral or discussing your burial options, please contact us today!