Pre-planned funerals

Have you ever given serious thought to what you want to happen when you die? It might seem like a morbid thing to consider – having to face your inevitable demise – however, in many ways the benefits of pre-planning outweigh the negatives.

Easing the burden on loved ones

Once you pass away your surviving family members will be tasked with planning and organizing your funeral and internment, in addition to settling your estate and fulfilling your will. This can be very stressful on loved ones, as they will be grieving. It can be very difficult to make rational decisions in these circumstances, as emotions run high, and not everyone is able to agree on what should happen.

By pre-planning (and pre-paying)  your funeral the decisions will already have been made – by you. This means your loved ones can focus their energy on other things and not have to worry about putting together an appropriate tribute.

Your wishes will be fulfilled

If you never discussed what kind of funeral you want, or how you’d like to be buried or interned with your loved ones, they may not know what you’d like. With pre-planning you can choose every little detail – from the type of service you’d like, to the coffin or urn you want, to the music you’d like played, and the type of flowers you want. Your family doesn’t have to argue over whether to get roses or lilies because the decision will have already been made.

While it might be difficult to discuss with loved ones, but by letting them know that you’ve pre-arranged your funeral you’re not only giving them one less thing to worry about, you are letting them know your wishes. When the day comes, they can be satisfied that everything is as you intended it to be.

It will save you money

Just as everything else in life, funerals are getting more and more expensive. By pre-planning and pre-paying for your funeral you will pay today’s prices for a future event. This will also save your loved ones the headache of having to deal with the financial side of the funeral.

More information

For more information on pre-arranged funerals please contact one of the Funeral Directors at Chapel Ridge Funeral Home and Cremation Centre in Markham. Check out their handy checklist to guide you through the process.