Richmond Hill Funeral Home

A Family Owned Richmond Hill Funeral Home

We know that saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy and that’s why we are the family owned Richmond Hill funeral home that cares. Not only are we compassionate, but we also pride ourselves on being professional.

Making everyone comfortable is our priority and to that end we have put together a quiet comfortable setting where you can make the kind of arrangements your loved one would appreciate. We are a family owned Richmond Hill funeral home that understands saying goodbye is about much more than just a departure.

We are here to help every member of your family celebrate the life of the person they’ve just lost. It’s important to us to help you and your loved ones come full circle in the kind of professional compassionate setting that can ease you through this type of transition.

Richmond Hill Cremation Services

We pride ourselves on walking you through each and every option available. For those families that feel so inclined, we like to suggest Richmond Hill cremation services. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be able to match your needs with a cremation urn that’s elegant and tasteful.

For those families that wish to have a viewing before the cremation procedure, we can help you by renting a casket so that everything is tasteful. Saying goodbye is made much easier with a ceremony of your choosing that celebrates the life of the deceased.

Complete Richmond Hill Funeral Services

One of the things that makes us an industry leader when it comes to Richmond Hill funeral services is the attention to detail we have. Our staff is always available to answer the questions that you have about making elegant and sophisticated arrangements.

We are always ready with suggestions and options that can make the final goodbye a thing to remember. Please keep in mind that if you’ve got friends and family who would like to partake in the process, we are only too happy to accommodate.

Chapel Ridge Funeral Home understands the offering of personalized service makes all the difference. We pride ourselves on making a connection with each and every one of our clients.

Tasteful Richmond Hill Burials

The Richmond Hill burials that we offer your loved one are above all, refined. Our services and facilities have been carefully selected and our staff have been vetted so they are professional and helpful at all times.