Scarborough Funeral Services

Here at the Chapel Ridge Funeral Services, we pride ourselves on the fact saying goodbye to a loved one doesn’t need to be overwhelming and stressful. Our personalized funeral home services are geared towards each individual family and a respectful experience.

Our compassionate staff understands that these can be very difficult times for any family. That’s why we pride ourselves on our welcoming and comfortable atmosphere and staff that can guide you through the funeral home process in a compassionate way.

We encourage our valued clients to ask questions. Expert staff will listen and make sure that each detail is exactly what you want.

Scarborough Cremation Tastefully Done

When people come to our funeral home and look through the services we offer, they are impressed that our Scarborough cremation services are tasteful and elegant. One of the major reasons is we have a sense of community.

Because we are a family owned business, we want to give back to the community we live in. Not only are we your neighbors, but we are also proud Canadians. Chapel Ridge Funeral Home provides the kind of personalized touch you won’t find with larger more institutionalized funeral homes.

Scarborough Funeral services

One of the other things that we are extremely proud of is the fact our Scarborough funeral services offer flexibility. We’ve taken the time to put together prearrangement and prepayment options. That way, the funeral expenses are out of the way and every detail has been looked after.

This type of option offers families the ability to concentrate on a memorable service or celebration of life as they wish. Affordability is another one of the benefits that you will get when your family uses our services.

We consistently have more affordable prices than the competition. What’s more, we strive to beat any of their written price estimates. It’s all part of our Scarborough funeral services commitment to each family.

Scarborough Burials

Our Scarborough burials can include a large chapel and other amenities to make sure every service is tasteful and elegant. The Chapel has some additional features that can make any funeral service more memorable. Not only does this facility seat 150 people, but it also has a Victorian stained-glass window.

Finally, it’s important to us to look after the people we provide services for from different faiths and cultures. It’s all part of the complete services we offer under the banner of Scarborough burials.