Scattering Ashes

scattering ashes

When it comes to scattering ashes, many people have ideas of where they would like their final resting place to be.You would have likely heard that you cannot just scatter ashes wherever you want, but is that true?

Let’s look at the practice of scattering ashes in Ontario and what’s legal and what isn’t.

Ontario Rules and Regulations regarding the Scattering of Ashes

According to the official website for the Government of Ontario, these are the things you can and cannot do with cremains.

Firstly, you are allowed to buy a burial plot or scatter ashes at a registered cemetery in Ontario..This includes interring ashes in a columbarium located in a registered cemetery.

If you want to scatter the remains on private property, that is fine as long as you have the signed consent of the owner. It’s important to note that if a private property owner wants multiple scatterings on their property, they will have to establish a cemetery and become a licensed cemetery operator.

Interestingly, you can legally scatter ashes on Crown Land. This includes Provincial Parks, the Great Lakes and other conservation areas, so long as the area is unoccupied. You also need to obey all signs.

You can also scatter ashes in municipal parks, but it’s important to check with your local government’s by-laws that may prohibit it.

You are also free to leave the Province of Ontario with the cremains. The Government’s website doesn’t mention crossing the border, but if you plan to, you need to reach out to the proper authorities.

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