Stouffville Funeral Services

A Compassionate Stouffville Funeral Services

Chapel Ridge Funeral Home is there for your family when you’re saying goodbye to a loved one. We pride ourselves on having a full and complete inventory of services. Our philosophy is providing the grieving family with everything they need under one roof.

We can implement a variety of compassionate Stouffville funeral services like visitations and memorial services. Personal services have always been the cornerstone of what we offer. Because we are a family owned funeral home, we strive to make a personal connection with each and every member of the grieving family.

Integrity and honesty are two of the foundations that we have used to build our business culture. We make it our explicit goal to find your family the comfortable service and elegant way to say goodbye to a loved one.

With us, you’ll never be pressured into a product or service that you don’t want. We’ve taken great care to remodel our new facility which opened in 2013. Tasteful and elegant are two words that we hear time and time again to describe our new location.

Stouffville Cremation and Other Services

Whether your family is choosing Stouffville cremation or one of our other services for a loved one, we have flexible payment solutions that are caring, compassionate. Over the many years that we’ve been in the funeral home business, our knowledgeable staff has seen a movement towards preplanning arrangements.

We have a variety of solutions for you to look at here. Whether your choosing cremation or one of our other options, you’ll find our payment solutions are transparent and reasonable.

Memorable Stouffville Funeral Services

Another option that we present is flexibility in the size of the service that you’re thinking of for the deceased. Our chapel has accommodations for 150 people and a cathedral ceiling that’s over 20 feet high.

An abundance of natural light and a Victorian stained-glass window are other elegant touches that can make a final goodbye a graceful experience for everyone involved.

Multifaith Stouffville Burials

Chapel Ridge Funeral Home also understands the value of providing multifaith Stouffville burials. We are always available to make sure the deceased has a service that’s fitting for their particular set of beliefs. Flexibility is one of the cornerstones that we’ve built our services on.

We care about making sure your loved one’s final send off is memorable and tasteful as well as elegant.