Thank You Cards

Thank You cards

Thank you cards are a way to show gratitude towards friends and family who are there for you or show generosity in some way. After a death, many of your loved ones will do what they can to be there for you. This could be bringing over meals so you don’t have to cook, sending sympathy cards and flowers, or being a shoulder to cry on. It’s hard to grieve alone, so it’s nice to acknowledge the people who keep you going during this difficult time.

You don’t have to send cards to everyone, but it’s nice to acknowledge those who went the extra mile for you.

Who to send Thank You Cards to?

Those who helped you plan or organize the funeral

While usually the immediate family plans the funeral, but if you have special friends who went above and beyond to help you organize, then those people deserve a thank you card.

Whether they stayed and helped you clean up your house after hosting a wake or helped make food for the reception, these friends and loved ones deserve acknowledgment.

Those who spoke at the funeral

If someone gives a speech, reads a poem or a passage of scripture at the funeral service, you should send them a thank you card. It’s not easy to get up in front of a room full of people to speak and it’s even harder when it’s a funeral, as everyone is already highly emotional.

It’s also nice to thank them for their kind words, thoughtful stories and wonderful memories.

The clergy or officiant of the service

You might want to send thank you cards to the clergy and/or officiants who conducted the funeral. This is especially nice if the person knew the deceased. Many people take comfort in their faith after a death, so it’s nice to thank the people who supported you in that way during this time.


Did you hire a piano player, organist, bag piper or singer to perform at the funeral? It is kind to send a note thanking them for helping your family celebrate the life of your loved one.

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