The True Meaning of a Bucket List

The term “bucket list” gets thrown around so often these days it’s practically lost it’s intended meaning. For many, it’s almost a wish list of experiences they want to have in their lifetime. The true origin is a big more serious.

The term was popularized by the 2007 Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson film The Bucket List. It’s the story of two terminally ill men who escape the cancer ward at the hospital to have an adventure before they…kick the bucket.

The key to creating a good and meaningful bucket list is to be realistic. The idea behind making such a list is about living life to the fullest, and doing things you always wanted to do, but held back for one reason or another. That said, only write down that you want to climb Mount Everest if you A) are interested in climbing mountains, B) can handle the mental and physical toll such a climb would take on your body, and C) if you can finance such an expedition.

The point is keep it manageable and personal. The goal is to check as many things off that list as possible – not to leave this earth with a list of shoulda-choulda-wouldas. So fill that list with things you realistically can do, but just haven’t.

Don’t Google “what should I put on my ‘Bucket List’?” You’re missing the point if you have to borrow ideas from others. The best way to write an honest to-do list for life is to look deep inside yourself and think about all the things you want to do. Are there any foods you want to try that you were always afraid to? Do you want to learn a new skill, such as knitting, woodworking, or painting? Do you want to take a road trip across the country? Get a tattoo? Learn Japanese? Everyone has those secret desires that  quietly burn inside us that we repress because it seems impractical or frivolous. Fulfill those dreams!

Don’t wait for that diagnosis that tells you your time if nearly up. Start today! Put pen to paper and follow your heart!

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