What is a Death Cafe?

death cafe

Even though it’s one of the most human things in the world, many of us are still very uncomfortable talking about death and dying. Even though it is inevitable, most of us are hush-hush about it. Some people are trying to change this. That is where the death cafe comes into play. A death cafe isn’t as dark as it sounds. It’s safe space where people, mostly strangers, can gather around a table and openly talk about death.

It’s not meant to be morbid, but rather comforting and educating. Death is part of the human experience, and those who set up these death cafes are trying to bring these topics back to the table, rather than allowing them to be swept under the rug.

Why you should talk about death

Death cafes are trying to de-stigmatize the topic of death because it’s important as humans to be open and honest about one of life’s most shocking realities. By becoming more comfortable talking about death, participants can begin asking the hard questions and have real discussions with loved ones.

Many people lose a loved one without ever knowing their true wishes. Being able to have a real talk about death means you can learn these things before it’s too late. You don’t have to wait until you’re on your deathbed to tell your family what you want, and your family doesn’t have to wait that long either to ask. Talking about death doesn’t summon death. It’s okay to discuss it.

What happens at a Death Cafe?

Death cafes are often pop-up events, rather than permanent establishments. They are often run by community outreach groups trying to help people through these sorts of events. Many have been popping up in places across Ontario.

When you attend a death cafe, you can expect tears, laughter, but most importantly, understanding.

Since it’s a cafe, you can also expect there to be plenty of coffee, tea and pastries.

Can’t find a Cafe?

If there are no Death Cafes being run in your area, don’t worry. You are always welcome to talk to the funeral directors and staff here at Chapel Ridge Funeral Home and Cremation Centre in Markham. Here, death is never a taboo subject, though we will always approach it with kindness and compassion. Contact us today if you have questions, or you want to pre-arrange your funeral so that your wishes are known to your loved ones. Though, we always recommend having an open dialogue with them first.