What to Do with Cremains?


What are cremains?

They’re the cremated remains of a deceased individual who elected to be cremated. This is a process where the body is burned and reduced to ashes, rather than buried intact. There are many reasons why people choose this method over traditional burial, but that isn’t today’s topic.

Once a body has been cremated, the cremated remains – the cremains – have to go somewhere. Luckily, families and loved ones have lots of options when it comes to interment.

What to do with Cremains


Burial isn’t for coffins – those who elect for cremation can still be buried. Many people enjoy this because they can be buried in a traditional cemetery alongside loved one. Also, urns take up less space in burial plots, so from a cost perspective, burying an urn means more people can fit in a family plot.


Cremation niches are typical inside walls indoors in a mausoleum or outside in a section of a cemetery. The urn is placed inside the niche and it’s then closed and marked with a plaque. This is an above-ground burial method for those who still want the cremains to be in a traditional cemetery where loved ones can visit.

Spreading the ashes

We did an entire blog on spreading ashes, so for more specifics we encourage you to read it. Basically, spreading ashes means to scatter the lose materials on the ground rather than keep them contained or bury them. Typically, cremains are scattered in significant places. Some people request to be scattered rather than buried. Some loved one don’t like that there isn’t a grave marker, but you own the property you are spreading the ashes on, you can add a plaque, bench or plant a tree in the spot to help you remember them.

Keep the Urn at Home

Some people choose neither burial nor scattering, but instead elect to keep the urn in their home. Some people keep it on a shelf or mantle, others store it in a cupboard. This is a personal decision. Some people select a special decorative urn for those purpose.

Chapel Ridge Can Help

If you choose cremation, the staff at Chapel Ridge Funeral Home and Cremation Centre can help you make arrangements and choose urns, if that’s what you require. Contact us today!